We like to grow as much of the food that our cows need here in North Norfolk, on our fields in the parishes of Wighton,  Binham, and Field Dalling.  We are passionate about soil health, so the land enjoys lots of farmyard manure. When possible we use minimum tillage and cover crops to conserve soil carbon and encourage those vital helpful worms

Crops include  Grass, clover, barley alfalfa, maize and energy beet.


Stephen has replanted the Wighton nut-wood, and  we are active supporters of the https://norfolkriverstrust.org.

The chalkstream  River Stiffkey runs through our farm, and we have been
co-operating with the rewilding of our stretch to encourage the endemic trout, and voles, which support the Barn Owls and Otters. Our barns are fitted with owl boxes and we take delight at listening to the hissing owlets.


'Stephen and min-till seed drill'